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Weekend bags and briefcases

The Koenigsegg collection of leather bags comprises two essential, luxurious pieces – a brief case and weekend bag.  Both bags are made from premium leathers in a variety of colors, with Koenigsegg details embossed on both the bag and the strap. The briefcase will get you to the office in effortless style, while the weekend bag is the perfect companion for….  wherever your heart takes you.

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Koenigsegg bags

Weekend bags

Koenigsegg weekend bags are generously sized and beautifully made, with a modern color palette and outstanding craftsmanship. Our leather weekend bags are fully lined with Koenigsegg’s exclusive ‘romb’ pattern and large enough to fit everything you need for a weekend away.  Whether you pick up our black weekend bag, our grey weekend bag, or our navy weekend bag, you’ll be getting only the highest Koenigsegg quality; a beautiful weekend bag that’s perfect for airline carry-on.


Koenigsegg briefcases are stylish, made from premium natural materials and feature the beautiful signature touches you’d expect from a Koenigsegg accessory. Our leather briefcases are fully lined, come in two beautiful colors and have all the storage you need: generous space inside, and external storage too. Whether you choose the grey leather briefcase or the navy leather briefcase, you’ll get exquisite matching ‘romb’ lining, the Koenigsegg shield embossed on one face, and the Koenigsegg wordmark embossed on the opposite side, and both embossed on the strap.