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Oversized T-shirt with Koenigsegg Jesko picture print and text on the front. Graphic text with engine specifications on the back.
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  •  Lightweight soft fabric
  •  Oversized t-shirt (see size chart)
Introducing the CC Collection. An exclusive range of premium streetwear inspired by the photography and thrilling qualities of Koenigsegg cars. Few notice this small icon at the crowning tip of the Koenigsegg shield or know what it is, but it stands for CC – a simple significant acronym with different meanings. It started as Competition Coupe for short, in the form of the first CC Prototype birthed from Koenigsegg. It also represents the dual nature of Convertible and Coupe in one Koenigsegg body. But at its very core, it is inspired by Christian von Koenigsegg and the brand’s pursuit for ultimate performance.